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Chuck Fattore

"Life Long Learner"

Chuck Fattore

"Sorrow That Leads to Joy "

John 15:11 NIV:I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

Is joy an emotion? A dictionary definition of joy is “a feeling of great joy and pleasure.”

But Scripture declares true essence of lasting joy is a gift from the Holy Spirit. It is only achievable through yielding control of one’s life to the Savior Jesus.

The world’s definition of joy is based upon emotional and often times economic resources available at particular time. Consequently, joy to the world is a brief intermittent state of the mind. This joy by its carnal nature is situational and elusive.

Christian Joy is neither situational nor elusive! By walking closely with the Lord and experiencing His presence we acquire a sustaining joy that energizes our love for Him.

Scripture suggests that joy is more of a virtue than an emotion. Scripture connects joy with suffering that produces faith and hope in Jesus. Isaiah 53:3 reminds us that Jesus was despised, rejected and suffered from pain. Christian must suffer the loss of their own ambitions and fully adopt the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their life decisions.

Joy is rooted in God’s character, It is not fleeting or based on circumstances. Christians admit, worldly possessions, significant accomplishments and special people in our lives are blessings and bring us happiness. But happiness is situational but true joy only comes from a positive relationship with our sovereign God.

Dying to one’s self’s self-will and ego is a difficult lifelong challenge. But the temporal and eternal rewards that secures us a place in God eternal kingdom and gives us a deep sense of joy in our soul! A season of suffering for living our Christian conscience is well worth the reward of eternal bliss!


Joy Comes In The Morning

Baylor Wilson

Tho shadows may fall, and my cross gets heavy,
And sometimes it seems, I'll never see another day dawning,
Then I remember His Word, though the night finds me weeping,
He promised me, and surely, He will there and bring joy in the morning.

O weary pilgrim, lift your head! Joy comes in the morning.
For God in His own word has said
That Joy comes in in the morning.

You feeble saints, dismiss your fears.
For joy comes in the morning
And weeping mourners, dry your tears.
For joy comes in the morning.

But every tearful eye looks up
For joy comes in the morning
And every trembling sinner, hope,
For joy comes in the morning

Oh, God shall wipe our tears away
For joy comes in the morning
Sorrow and sighing cannot stay
For joy comes in the morning.