Chuck Fattore


Chuck Fattore

"Life Long Learner"

Chuck Fattore

"Christian Excelsior "

Acts 14:22:
(Paul and Barnabas) strengthening the disciple's faith and reminding them to stay true to the faith, "we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God" they said.

There are no relaxing moments when you are a soldier surrounded by the enemy. You must depend on the training of the Gospel and wearing the Lord's armor to overcome the mortal threats of Satan. The moment I trusted in Jesus is the moment I engaged the enemy in the battle for my soul. Residing in the loving hands of God, Satan cannot defeat me. It's only when I take my spiritual eyes off the Lord will I experience darkness and hardships.

Perseverance is the badge worn by Christians in the lifelong battle with God's enemies. However, our perseverance becomes Satan's target. If he can breach our perseverance, he will use our failings to call into questions our Christian commitment.

Living in a world governed by fleshly values, Satan tempts us to be reasonable. He is relentless in trying to take our eyes off Biblical standards and become engaged in an earthly fight we cannot win apart from God's intervention. Despite Satan's allurement of focusing on fulfilling our personal desires, the Christian excelsior moves forward and upward, daily inspecting his armor.

To engage yourself in this world's power struggles in an attempt to force it into submission to Christian values, will never work. Christians must be willing to sacrifice everything to be right with God. Stand tall for truth!

God called us not because were holy, but He called us that we may become holy! Holiness is the beauty that His workmanship produces in us! Behind our armor let our holiness be guided by our feet of peace!

"Onward Christian soldiers going into war,
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ the royal master leads against the foe
Forward into battle see His banner go."