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Chuck Fattore

Watchful Eyes of Our Father

2 Chronicles 16:9
For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen the hearts of those fully committed to Him.

While the ungodly ignore divine omnipresence, this fact is a source of great comfort to His children! Even when we fail to live up to His standards, His thoughts towards us are guided by His love and provides us with a means to escape temptation. In our disobedience, our watchful Father signals to our weak

soul we have arrived in enemy territory. Immediately, He empowers us to confess our sins and welcomes us back to His fellowship!

In our weakest moments, He offers us hope for reconciliation. God is quick to forgive us of our iniquities! The Lord's compassion encompasses us in all our chosen paths! His thoughts penetrate the deepest regions of our being! And brings attention to our acts of disobedience. He is sympathetic to our troubles even before we ask for help.

But do we always request His forgiveness? Are we sensitive to our spiritual shortcomings? How often do I evaluate my behaviors in the light of God's word? Or do I self-justify my actions by agreeing with others who share opinions that are reinforced by opinion leaders that 'tickle our ears'?

The social, fiscal, political, and spiritual dynamics of this present world can produce a stressful life. These events are causing the Christian churches to undergo serious challenges to its future. Where can I find answers to these troubling trends? The Bible speaks clearly to these issues if you solely depend on God word for personal answers. However, once you make allowance for political, financial, personal biases to enter into your thinking, God's answers disappear. Our Biblical convictions should start with loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Then treat our neighbors with loving compassion and deeds as we would want to be treated.

You and I are aware we cannot trust political power, worldly wisdom and/or financials wealth to solve ours and our culture's systemic problems. Only God's wisdom, revealed by the Holy Spirit to those seeking God's truth by reading the Bible, can equip us with personal answers how to navigate in the chaos of today's culture wars. The Lord is always at our side beaconing us to follow Him to life's fulfillment of what He first started for us at the cross.

Draw me near, nearer, nearer precious Lord
To the cross where thou has died
Consecrate me Lord to thy service
By the power of grace divine
Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope
That my will be lost in thine

Updated: 05/25/2021